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Safecast Mori Kids

We’re Grateful For The Safecast Community

Community-Powered Environmental Data For All

Safecast isn't a device, it isn't big data data, it's people. Safecast community volunteers care so much about collecting environmental data to share with their fellow humans that they spend hours driving in their cars to collect data, traveling to remote destinations, running workshops for kids, translating documents, and helping fellow device owners on the support boards so that everyone has the environmental monitoring information they need to make life choices for themselves and their families.

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KitHub Turned Three Years Old

KitHub Turns Three Years Old

Are You Kitting Me? KitHub Turns Three!

We can't believe that KitHub turned three years old. Three years went by in the blink of an eye and we couldn't have done it without our wonderful customers and service providers. Thank you so much to those that believe in us and support our mission to design and curate the most effective hands-on education and environmental monitoring programs to encourage kids and adults to use science and technology to solve real-world problems. 

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KitHub Art Performance

KitHub Sponsors Art Performance – The Sweet Unknown

KitHub was honored to sponsor Carina Erdmann's art performance - Simoultaneoustories - The Sweet Unknown for the Art and Music festival PLX goes Offshore.

The festival took place in TJÄRÖ, a small island on the Swedish coast, celebrating a mixture of art, music and nature organized by PLX, an art group from Sweden Over 900 people came from the neighboring cities and across Europe to be immersed in the stunning landscape of the Archipelago. 

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