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STEAM & Environmental Monitoring

KitHub designs and curates hands-on STEAM and environmental monitoring programs and resources to make it easy for kids and adults to get involved in solving real-world problems and have the agency to understand how the environment affects their health and well-being.


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Safecast bGeigie nano 

The kit was enjoyable to assemble and has logged to the Safecast map using the android app. The overall system is pretty solid and the kit introduces a lot of different technologies like satellite communications and atomic clocks, geiger muller tubes and high voltage power supplies, bluetooth, data logging, arduino and open source goods and maybe the not so. Then there is the SafeCast visualization tools, nice, hope they keep improving! Thank You, well done.

Richard W.

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Classroom Motorized ArtBot Kit
Our students really enjoyed working with the art bots. They were completely engaged! Using the kit and the instruction video was easy. I loved all the tips and instruction provided. Thank you fir a wonderful teaching and learning experience!
Lavon J. 
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Classroom Motorized ArtBot Kit

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