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New Kits 2019

New Kits Are Coming Thanks To Feedback From Our Customers

Hands-on and Accessible Science-Technology Projects for All Learners

KitHub is heading into its 5th year of providing hands-on science and technology projects to schools, libraries, out of school organizations, families, hobbyists, research institutes, and governments.

Since the day we launched, our vision of a worldwide community of learners that are interested in solving real-world problems using science and technology continues to drive our mission to design and curate effective hands-on education and environmental monitoring programs that are accessible to everyone.

All of the projects we provide have been a result of feedback from our customers. Over the course of the past year, we asked you, our current and potential customers from around the world, what projects you are most interested in learning and teaching to others.

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Popular Mechanics: Safecast Has Revolutionized Citizen Science

"In the fallout of the Fukushima disaster, there was a global shortage of Geiger counters, devices used to measure radiation levels. Prices soared along with panic. “We didn’t know if we, our family, friends, neighbors or for that matter people throughout Japan were safe,"—so said Peiter Franken, a software engineer who was with his family in Tokyo as the tsunami hit, to Forbes in 2016. "It was a difficult situation and the lack of trustworthy data made everything worse.”

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