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PO Box 39873, Los Angeles, CA, 90039, USA




How Can We Help?

We’re here to be a resource for all of your educational and environmental kit needs. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we’ll help you source it.


We’d love to help you! Answers to your most frequently asked questions can be found at our KitHub Help Center. Feel free to email us at support@kithub.cc.

Purchase Orders

KitHub accepts purchase orders from international government institutions and state and local organizations in the USA.  Please refer to the instructions here.

Consulting & Custom Kits

We consult with organizations and schools to design custom kits. We would be delighted to discuss your project with you. Email us support@kithub.cc.

Partnership & Distribution

Interested in partnering with us or reselling our kits? Send us an email: partners@kithub.cc.

Press and Media Inquiries

Contact us at press@kithub.cc.


Twitter: @kithub | Facebook: /kithubcc | Instagram: kithub | Pinterest: kithub

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