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About KitHub – Project-based STEAM Learning

KitHub Vision

A world everyone has access to tools, resources, and mentors to build their confidence and pursue their interests.

KitHub Mission

We believe that everyone is capable of pursuing their interests and reaching their goals if they have access to tools, resources, and mentors. KitHub's mission is to design and curate hands-on STEAM and environmental monitoring programs that remove barriers for kids and adults to engage in activities that are meaningful to them.


KitHub was founded in 2014 by Tara Tiger Brown and Luz Rivas. After founding the nonprofit organizations Los Angeles Makerspace and DIY Girls, the founders were asked by parents and educators to package up the project-based learning activities to be facilitated by informal and formal educators.

Tara and Luz founded their nonprofits and KitHub because they believe that anyone can design and build science and technology-based solutions to real-world problems, but may be limited by a lack of access and mentorship. They wanted to design projects that were confidence builders for all ages and experience levels.

STEAM Education Programs

KitHub provides STEAM education programs that deliver innovative and accessible science and technology kits for kids to work on at home, in the classroom or anywhere in between. KitHub provides fun and stimulating ways to delve into activities that spark curiosity and promote creating, experimenting and designing so kids can build 21st century literacy and skills.

Environmental Monitoring Kits

Our reliable and scientific-grade environmental monitoring kits are designed to be used by citizens, researchers, educators, uranium miners, nuclear protection agencies and first responders to collect, analyze and share environmental data. 

About KitHub - Tara with students who made interactive superhero cuffs

Tara with students who made interactive superhero cuffs.

Tara Tiger Brown, Founder

Tara Tiger Brown

You may have attempted to put together a hard-to-assemble electronics or robotics kit that left you with a bad impression. Maybe you gave up and chucked the parts back into their box never to be seen again.

Perhaps you are a parent or educator that really wants to introduce science, technology or coding to your kids but have no idea where to start.

That was me too.

I learned a lot about electronics, engineering and coding by designing and making things as part of a community of makers.  I quickly realized how fortunate I was to have experienced mentors to help me when I had questions. When Luz Rivas and I started in KitHub in November 2014, we did it knowing that there are people that want a mentor in STEAM subjects but don't have anyone that they can turn to.

KitHub exists because we want educators, kids, moms, dads, grandmas -- anyone that is curious enough -- to have that same sense of empowerment and autonomy that you develop from being part of a community of makers. We want to help you gain the confidence you need to design a robot, build a device to collect important environmental data, or design your own creative electronics project, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Even with great instructions, everyone needs help from time to time. You can count on us to be patient and understanding when you have a question.


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