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KitHub January News 2020

January News

Updates To Facilitator Guides

We've been making significant updates to the STEAM Facilitator Guides for all programs. This is in preparation for adding new projects and expanding KitHub offerings.

The changes to the STEAM Facilitator Guides include:

  • expanding existing project details;
  • clarifying frequently asked questions;
  • offering troubleshooting tips;
  • incorporating Sustainable Development Goals;
  • adding programming options to each project.
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KitHub Do It Yuleself Holiday Calendar

Do It Yuleself Holiday Calendar

Ideas Yule Love This Season

For makers and DIYers, December is the best month of the entire year. Whether it's making a gingerbread house, stringing popcorn for the tree, knitting a scarf or decorating your own wrapping paper, it's a busy season (in the best way possible).

If you are in need of some inspiration or just something to do, we put together 24 activities that that will appeal to a variety of interests including citizen science, plant-based cooking, environmentally-friendly crafts, science lectures that date back to 1825, a public domain book that was published in 1900, and a new way to wrap gifts.

We hope that you enjoy the activities and we'd love for you to share the results!

Happy Holidays!

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