Safecast Co-Founder Joi Ito and President Obama

Read the entire interview with Joi Ito, President Obama and Scott Dadich on WIRED.

Safecast News

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About Safecast

Safecast is an international volunteer driven non-profit organization whose goal is to create useful, accessible, and granular environmental data for public information and research.

Safecast maintains the largest open dataset of background radiation measurements ever collected - over 50 million readings to date and growing daily. All of the data collected is available through an open, free and public map of all submitted radiation and air data readings that can be accessed via browser or smartphone.

Safecast has been investigating air quality measuring since 2012 and in October 2016 is excited to begin their Air Quality Monitoring Beta program. Learn more.

KitHub distributes the Safecast bGeigie nano kit and the new Safecast Air Quality Monitoring Beta kit. Learn more about each device below.


Safecast's Workhorse Radiation Device

Measures Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation allowing spot contamination.

Upload readings easily using a smartphone and bluetooth, or later with logged data.

Access to the world's largest independent, open and trustworthy radiation data set.


Safecast's New Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Measures particulate matter PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, temperature and humidity.

Upload data to an open and freely accessible community map.

Scientific-grade sensors and GPS-logged data collected and shared worldwide.

Order A Kit

The Safecast bGeigie and Air Quality kits come with all of the parts you need including the software. 


You will need the following tools to build your Safecast kits. Click on the links if you need to purchase any tools.

Safecast Customers

The Safecast community spans the globe. Community members have collected radiation data on every single continent and shared it to create the largest, open, and independent radiation data set. With over 50 million data points collected, it is larger than all of the world governments' data sets combined. Safecast is now doing the same with air quality data.