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Free STEAM Lesson Plans

Free STEAM lesson plans and citizen science projects for Elementary and Middle School. Hands-on activities that introduce students to science, technology, engineering and math (some paired with art for creative enhancement).

KitHub Lesson Plans

Afterschool Maker Program (K - 5th grade)

STEAM Program 10 weeks (K - 2nd grade)

STEAM + Coding Program 10 weeks (3rd - 8th grade)

STEAM Lesson Plans and Curriculum

American Geosciences Institute - Activities, Curriculum (K-12th)

Architecture: It's Elementary - Lesson Plans (K-5th)

Concordia University Portland - Tackle Real World Issues (6-12th)

Engineering, Go For It! - Over 200 lesson plans (K - 12th)

MIT Blossoms - Videos with Math and Science Lessons (High School)

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Curriculum (Pre-K - 12th)

Mozilla Webmaker - Core Web Literacy Curriculum

National Park Service - Lesson Plans (Pre-K - PhD)

National Wildlife Federation - How To Become An Eco School

NASA - STEM Lessons From Space

Newport Aquarium - Educator's Guide To Sea Turtles

PBS Learning - Archaeology, Colorblindness, Design (1st-8th)

State of Alaska - Curricula and Activities

Vanderbilt - Inquiry-based, Hands-on Science Lessons for Middle School

Citizen Science Projects

Citizen science happens when ordinary people study the world around them and send in the data they collect to scientists. Anyone can do citizen science! Citizen science projects cover all kinds of topics like dragonflies, birds and ants. You can learn a lot about your neighborhood or even your own backyard by joining in a citizen science project.

Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Critter Cam Kit Activity Guide

National Geographic List of Citizen Science Projects

PBS SciGirls Nature Journal

Scientific American list of Citizen Science Projects


Zooniverse - People Powered Research