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Project Based Learning in Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math

The KitHub STEAM Educator Program includes everything you need to facilitate creative STEAM projects for Grades K-8 including classroom-ready activities, lesson plans and easy-to-follow instructions that guarantee success.

At its heart, KitHub is a community for educators interested in bringing STEAM to classrooms, libraries and other learning environments. KitHub creative electronics projects are specifically designed to scale from one student to 100 students. The project-based learning activities have been tested in school classrooms, makerspaces, after-school clubs and in home-school settings.

We invite you to join our community of innovative educators who are forging new pathways for kids to learn about science and technology in a fun and safe environment.

STEAM Educator Program

A KitHub STEAM educator is someone that regularly teaches groups of children in schools or informal learning environments and uses a project-based learning approach to science and technology education. Examples of the types of educators that utilize our STEAM Educator program include:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Afterschool Program Instructors
  • Camp Leaders
  • Librarians
  • Museum and Makerspace educators
  • Girl Scout/Boy Scout troop leaders

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Self-Paced Professional Development

KitHub Educators

Lynn Spady 6th Grade Teacher

Having a blast at NETA making circuits and getting new ideas. Thankful for my background knowledge from KitHub.

All the mothers that attended the robotics night [using KitHub kits] engaged in a different relationship with their daughters that night. It was so wonderful to experience the collaboration and the energy that filled the room. It was a creative, engaging, team building experience like no other! My daughters and I loved it!

Carmen Labrecque Principal, Thomas Edison Elementary