KitHub Turns Two Years Old on November 9th, 2016

KitHub Turns 2 Years Old!

KitHub Turns Two - A Year In Review

2016 has been a year for wild and outrageous headlines in sports and politics, but throughout the months, science news has continued to be in the headlines, for good or bad. For instance, new research studies are refuting the long-held theory of an ice bridge bringing humans to North America, and NASA and other space agencies explore farther and farther into the universe. But at the same time, many Americans still struggle with basic science. That is a problem when qualified candidates are increasingly needed for high-paying jobs in expanding science-based industries. The growth of independent production, the maker community, and tools such as 3D printers are useful, but before anyone can work in the sciences, there needs to be an understanding of the sciences. To succeed in the changing world, science literacy is more important than ever. So it is essential to provide students, parents and teachers with the resources needed to help children learn the STEM field.


Designed By Engineers. Created For Everyone.

It's because of those needs that KitHub will remain steadfast in its mission established two years ago, to design accessible science and tech projects for kids and lifelong learners.

Founded in 2014 by Tara Tiger Brown and Luz Rivas, KitHub offers a series of kits for the maker community, novices and experts, kindergarteners to adults. The options encompass not just STEM, but what the founders refer to as “STEAM,” or “science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.” The kits are made to help people learn, not to be overly complicated systems that will make enthusiasts get frustrated. Learning, the founders believe, should be fun, not stressful. Each kit helps those students see connections and understand the mechanics behind complex electronic and engineering projects. The various kits teach students the basics and understandings circuits, robotics, design, and even soldering. Every kit and program comes with lesson plans designed to match up with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

2016 Was A Great Year

It's been a good year for KitHub as more teachers and students are adopting the tools into their learning plans and the partnership with Safecast has expanded. Both the STEM kits and Environmental Monitoring kits have been sold across North America, Europe, and Asia. One even went to Greenland. Some of KitHub's offerings are being used in schools and afterschool programs around the United States, particularly the creative electronic kits. Meanwhile, the Safecast bGeigie Nano, used to collect radiation data, is being used around the world, by nuclear agencies, researchers, miners and other professionals. Those operators are collaborating and sharing their findings with one another.

New Projects Coming Soon

The new offerings expand on KitHub's existing kits, with more options for students and teachers to practice the STEAM fields. But there is also an expanded focus on environmental monitoring and conservation projects, all designed to be put to use both in schools and in homes, for learners of every age, kindergartener to adult. An integrated bGeigie Nano will require no soldering to assemble and use. Prototype air monitoring kits with Safecast are now available for early adopters. Soon we will be unveiling another project: the kGeigie, a Geiger counter for children. KitHub is also in the design stages developing underwater environmental monitoring kits to complement the popular Hydrophone kit. More information on that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The world is changing thanks to new scientific discoveries. Even if students and kids don't ultimately pursue the sciences, fluency and knowledge will be essential skills. What better way to be prepared than with hands-on learning?

What Others Are saying About KitHub

We've used this kits in our STEAM Labs for K-2nd and the kids absolutely LOVE it. We love how it inspires kids to think about materials in their surroundings...

Janine Sanders
Connected Sparks

All the mothers that attended the robotics night [using KitHub kits] engaged in a different relationship with their daughters that night. It was so wonderful to experience the collaboration and the energy that filled the room. It was a creative, engaging, team building experience like no other! My daughters and I loved it!

Carmen Labrecque
Principal, Thomas Edison Elem.

This is the most powerful Geiger Counter kit ever. It actually has more packed into it than any professional geiger counter. It's not just a sensor and a counter. It has a whole ecosystem built around it that won a prestigious Good Design Award in Tokyo. The pancake geiger sensor has is sensitive to alpha, beta, gamma and x radiation, which is important. I have designed geiger counter kits, including one sold by Heathkit for many years. This one, designed by Safecast, is the best ever.

Dan Sythe
International Medcom

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