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How To Make Super Hero Cuffs

Super Hero Cuffs – the new super cuff that you can make with electronics

Design your own interactive light-up super hero bracelets! Our Classroom STEAM kit includes a reed switch (magnetic switch), a magnet and everything else you need to make these electronic super hero cuffs.

This project is a great introduction to wearable electronics. Make two super hero cuffs out of paper and simple electronics so that one of the bracelets lights up when the other one gets close to it. No soldering required!

How it works:

The cuffs use a magnetic switch (reed switch) that is normally open and closes when a magnet is close to it which causes the LED to turn on. Using tape, an LED and a battery you can make these fun interactive cuffs to share with your BFF!

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 3.58.03 PM.png

Watch our how-to video explaining how to make the friendship bracelets. For step-by step instructions and list of materials check out our instructable.