Need something for the kids to do this summer?

Give them a head-start in science and engineering.

KitHub Future Engineer Kit

Inside KitHub's Future Engineer Kit is everything (almost*) you need to keep your aspiring engineer or scientist busy with hands-on projects. They'll have fun being creative, they’ll gain some real-world skills, and their confidence will grow by leaps and bounds.

And you? Get used to being the coolest parent on the block. Our Summer Camp in a Box will make you look like a genius—even if this is your first time tinkering.

*You may need to dig up some scissors and craft materials.

Less than the cost of summer camp but just as much fun...

  • Fun projects and plenty of bonus activities to keep your young innovator busy and engaged.
  • A fun way to get a head-start in science and engineering
  • The perfect blend of art and technology
  • Sharpens problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Invite the neighbor kids over for a 'pop-up' summer camp

Summer Camp In A Box


Ever since my daughter began receiving the kits, she’s becoming increasingly interested in engineering, something she knew very little about. She’s also become more confident making things happen, and solving problems.

Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD 
Latinas Think Big



Project 1: Build Friendly (or Battling) Bots

  • Customize your bot's body
  • Add lights!
  • Build a battery pack
  • Run a hobby motor
  • Make your new bots draw or paint
  • Battle your bots!

Additional projects:

Operation Game

Project 2: Make Super Hero Accessories

  • Design a Super Hero Mask
  • Use an LED to add lights
  • Share with a friend

Additional projects:

  • Make a light-up LED ring
  • Design jewelry with a pipe cleaner circuit and LED

Project 3: Design Paper Circuit Art

  • Use copper tape to design electric circuits on paper
  • Design a greeting card or art piece
  • Light-up your drawing with LEDs
  • Give your card to someone special

Additional projects:

  • Make an LED paper flower
  • Configure an LED light-up cube or gift box


The KitHub Future Engineer kit contains all the electronic components that your camper needs to work on a variety of projects, plus easy-to-understand instructions.

The most important things you’ll find inside the toolbox? Delight, excitement, creativity, inspiration—and endless enrichment opportunities that will last long after camp is over.

  • Prototyping
  • Conductive materials
  • Polarity
  • Identifying components
  • Circuit design
  • Circuit schematics
  • Simple circuits
  • Parallel circuits
  • Switches