Reliable Geiger Counters With GPS And Data Logging 

Nuclear Protection Agencies use this device to collect radiation data from anywhere!

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Safecast's Workhorse Radiation Device

The Safecast bGeigie Nano is part of a global environmental sensor network enabling employees at Nuclear Protection Agencies to collect radiation readings and freely use and share the data collected.

The Safecast bGeigie Nano is the only portable radiation detector with GPS and bluetooth.

You can take individual spot readings, or attach it to your car and drive around collecting geotagged radiation data that can be uploaded to the Safecast map.

Measures Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation allowing spot contamination.

Upload readings easily using a smartphone and bluetooth, or later with logged data.

Access to the world's largest independent,  open and trustworthy radiation data set.

About Safecast

Safecast is an international volunteer driven non-profit organization whose goal is to create useful, accessible, and granular environmental data for public information and research.

Safecast maintains the largest open dataset of background radiation measurements ever collected - over 50 million readings to date and growing daily.

All of the data collected is available through an open, free and public map of all submitted radiation data readings that can be accessed via browser or smartphone.

We strongly feel that environmental data should be open, easy to access, and easy to understand for everyone. Independent opinions about environmental data have to be available. In the age of the Internet of Things, that voice can directly come from citizens.

Safecast Team 

The Safecast Report 2016

Safecast has worked with many Nuclear and Environmental Protection Agencies that are referenced in this report. Read the full report here.


The Safecast bGeigie nano comes in kit format and requires soldering to assemble. 

bGeigie Mode

Mobile radiation sensor (alpha-beta-gamma) with display indicator in CPM and µSv/hr, number of satellites locked, height (m), distance traversed (km), total duration of measurement (h:m) and time stamp (dd:hh:mm:ss)

xGeigie Mode

Geiger counter mode (no logging) with display indicator for µSv/hr dose-rate (Cs-137), max dose-rate, dosimeter, Bq/m2 display (Cs-137), time stamp and Alarm LED

Bluetooth Compatible

Upload data using bluetooth and the free Safecast:Drive app. Compatible with Apple iOS, Google Play and|Amazon Apps devices.

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How To Use A bGeigie Nano

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