​​​​Make Your Toys Talk

Make Your Toys Talk!

Make Your Toys Talk


With this project, toys will talk! Wizard wands will fizz and zing! (Or make pig noises—you decide.) Grandma’s rocking chair will roar like a rocket chair! Our Make Your Toys Talk kit is going to be really popular with the mischievous set!

This very cool projects lets kids record their own voices and sounds, create simple switches with common items around the house, and make their favorite toys come to life.

Kids will learn how to make a simple circuit and will be introduced to the cause-and-effect fun of pairing simple actions with their favorite sound effects.

We no longer sell this project as a kit, but you can still make the project by following our written and video instructions.

Written Instructions | Video Instructions

You can most likely find all of the conductive material at home -- aluminum foil, safety pins, etc. but you'll need to replace our recordable module and inventor cable with a Makey Go or a Re-recordable module in order to record sounds and play them back.


Make Your Toys Talk - Cat

meow meow meow meow
meow meow meow meow

Make Your Toys Talk

Q: What did the fox say?

A: You tell us!

Make Your Toys Talk - Apple Watch

It's always chocolate o'clock when you ask this watch for the time!

  • Our sound module lets you records your voice (or any sound) and add it to your project.
  • Add a "belly button" to your teddy bear that giggles when you press it.
  • Make your own magic wand that plays a sound when you tap someone's head.
  • Add crash sounds to cars, disco music to your dancing shoes, blastoff sounds to your rocket.
  • Add sound effects to household objects.

  • Make a sensor for your chair to trigger a toot!

KitHub joins Crafting with Electronics together in a fun way. To quote my son, Ryan, age 9: 'this is totally awesome mom, I love it!'

Leah A.
Homeschool Mom


Eric Rosenbaum is a doctoral student at Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT, where he creates new technologies at the intersection of music, improvisation, play and learning. His recent speaking appearances have included TEDx Pioneer Valley, Economist Tech Frontiers, and Dust or Magic App Camp. His work has been shown at venues including San Francisco Exploratorium, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, San Jose Tech Museum, and the OFFFmatica and CineKid festivals.

Eric Rosenbaum Makey Makey

KitHub is one of my favorite new businesses. Our 6 yr old grandson and I just leaned about circuits, using one of their wonderful kits!

Dr. Suzanne
Professor, Grandmother

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