​​​​Homeschool STEAM Program


Homeschool STEAM Program

Science • Technology • Engineering • Art • Math

Hands-on STEAM Projects For Home Learners!

KitHub’s projects are designed to engage students by introducing new concepts paired with things students are already familiar with, re-use existing materials in new ways and provide hands-on learning throughout every activity. Multiple entry points allows for a home educator to approach STEAM-based learning to match the needs of the student.

Build STEAM Literacy and 21st Century Competencies

Support Home Educators to Teach STEAM

Boost Confidence in STEAM Subjects

Increase Interest in STEAM Subjects

Prepare Students for a Career in STEAM















Easy to Follow Learning Goals and Lesson Guides

The Homeschool Program projects allow students to have fun and be creative while building their hands-on making skills. The program will engage young students to think of themselves as creators and inventors while providing time for assessment and self-reflection. These kits are ideal for K-8 educators that are new to STEAM projects or want new project ideas.​


Everything you need comes in the toolbox!


Grades: K-8
Skill level: Beginner
Students: 1

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Learning Outcomes By Activity


Learning Outcomes

STEAM Skills


Time: 2 hours

SuperHero Mask

-Complete a circuit using a battery and an LED

-Apply metaphor and create a wearable accessory

-Learn about conductive materials

-Demonstrate understanding of open and closed circuits


Wearable Tech

Engineering Design



Time: 2 hours

PaperCircuit Notebook Hack

-Apply technology to make an electronic circuit on paper

-Draw a circuit and describe how it works

-Write a letter

-Make observations about electricity in a circuit


Engineering Design



Time: 2 hours

Motorized Bot

-Use listening skills to follow directions in a group reading of a fairy tale

-Observe how an object made of a small set of pieces can be disassembled
and made into a new object

-Apply scientific ideas and work like scientists do

-Provide evidence that energy can be transferred


Robotic Tech

Engineering Design


Buy the Kit

The Homeschool STEAM Program kit comes with all the parts and materials introduced in the guide. Plus! The kids will get a handy red toolbox to store all of their materials.


Not currently available

Designed For The Needs of Home Educators

Educator Goals

KitHub Solutions

Build STEAM Literacy and 21st Century Competencies

-Repeated exposure to project-based learning practices
-Connected learning:  interest-powered, peer-supported

Empower Educators to Teach STEAM

-Easily integrate projects with other subjects
-Lesson plans with clear learning goals
-Affordable for educators in all settings (public, private, home)
-Easily acquire more parts, nothing is proprietary

Boost Confidence in STEAM Subjects

-Hands-on, project-based learning
-Quickly learn basic concepts in just one session
-Multiple entry points to open-ended projects

Increase Interest in STEAM Subjects

-New concepts are paired with things students are already familiar with
-Re-use existing materials in new ways
-Hands-on learning

Prepare Students for a Career in STEAM

-Projects are relevant to real-world applications
-Components are used in the real world by engineers

Delighted Customers

Leah Andrew Homeschool Educator

KitHub joins Crafting with Electronics together in a fun way. To quote my son, Ryan age 9 , 'this is totally awesome mom, I love it!'

Everything I know about circuits came from KitHub kits.  I'm thankful for my background knowledge from KitHub.

Lynn Spady Elementary School Teacher

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