Our reliable and scientific-grade environmental monitoring kits are designed to be used by citizens, researchers, educators, uranium miners, nuclear protection agencies and first responders to collect, analyze and share environmental data. 

Safecast bGeigie nano - Radiation Geiger Kit

Over 100 million radiation data points have been collected around the world using this award winning device. Learn more

DIY Hydrophone (Underwater Mic) Kit

This hydrophone kit was designed by COSEE-TEK and used by Shah Selbe, National Geographic Fellow.
Learn more.

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Environmental Monitoring Kits Coming Soon

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Safecast Integrated bGeigie

Safecast Integrated bGeigie

Same high quality design and sensors as the Safecast  bGeigie nano, but no soldering is needed to put the device together. Just clip the modules in and go. Designed by IRNAS.​

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Safecast kGeigie

For those new to electronics. Learn how to build a geiger counter using a breadboard.

Safecast is currently testing this kit in workshops.

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