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Popular Mechanics: Safecast Has Revolutionized Citizen Science

"In the fallout of the Fukushima disaster, there was a global shortage of Geiger counters, devices used to measure radiation levels. Prices soared along with panic. “We didn’t know if we, our family, friends, neighbors or for that matter people throughout Japan were safe,"—so said Peiter Franken, a software engineer who was with his family in Tokyo as the tsunami hit, to Forbes in 2016. "It was a difficult situation and the lack of trustworthy data made everything worse.”

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Giving Tuesday - KitHub

Giving Tuesday – Give Back To Your Community

Community-Focused Non-Profits

Since KitHub was founded in 2014, we have been supporting non profit organizations like Safecast and Los Angeles Makerspace throughout the year and during global events like Giving Tuesday, because we believe in the importance of organizations that are focused on community and transparency.

All children, regardless of their family income level, have the right to an education in science and technology, and that is why throughout the year we donate to non profit organizations and schools by donating money and providing in-kind donations. For example, we donated two Safecast Air Devices to students in Bucaramanga, Colombia who will be measuring air quality in their city.

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving when we can all band together and focus on giving back to our communities and the organizations that rely on our donations to continue making positive change.

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