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Tokyo Japan by Moyan Brenn

KitHub’s New Office Is In Tokyo, Japan

We are very excited to announce that KitHub has expanded to Tokyo, Japan!

For the past 2 years, KitHub has been working closely with Safecast on environmental monitoring projects. We've served as the primary distributor of the bGeigie nano kits and the air quality monitoring station. As KitHub expands our environmental monitoring offerings, we jumped on the opportunity to work closely with the Safecast team at their office in Shibuya, Tokyo. Not only will we be able to work 1:1 with the team, but we will have the opportunity immerse ourselves into the Japanese culture and nearby cities including Seoul and Hong Kong. 

Recently PC Magazine sat down with KitHub Founder, Tara Tiger Brown, to discuss the move to Tokyo

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Wildlife Monitoring

How To Become A Citizen Scientist And Save Wildlife

How To Become A Citizen Scientist And Save Wildlife

When you think of drones, hidden cameras or satellite imaging, monitoring wildlife is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But these, along with other technologies, have been crucial in transforming how we see the natural world.

Technological advancements have made wildlife monitoring and research scalable, more precise, comprehensive, less invasive, and cost effective.

Data that we collect by monitoring wildlife assists in estimating endangered species populations, understanding animal behavior, mapping migration patterns and managing natural resources.

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Safecast Air at Newton Street Study Group

How 5th Graders Are Learning To Monitor Their Air Quality

Want to make an impact on your students and the world at the same time? Thanks to the Internet, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved in powerful “citizen science” projects, and the teachers and students at The Option Program at the Seward School (TOPS) are jumping right in.

TOPS is a is a public K-8 magnet school in Seattle that emphasizes social justice. The fifth grade class here is taking a hands-on approach to monitoring the school’s air quality with the Safecast Air Quality Monitoring Station, a DIY electronics kit for assembling a monitoring system. The final product records GPS-tagged particulate levels, and automatically shares the data with the Safecast citizen science initiative over WIFI.  

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