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KitHub Turns 2 Years Old!

KitHub Turns Two - A Year In Review

2016 has been a year for wild and outrageous headlines in sports and politics, but throughout the months, science news has continued to be in the headlines, for good or bad. For instance, new research studies are refuting the long-held theory of an ice bridge bringing humans to North America, and NASA and other space agencies explore farther and farther into the universe. But at the same time, many Americans still struggle with basic science. That is a problem when qualified candidates are increasingly needed for high-paying jobs in expanding science-based industries. The growth of independent production, the maker community, and tools such as 3D printers are useful, but before anyone can work in the sciences, there needs to be an understanding of the sciences. To succeed in the changing world, science literacy is more important than ever. So it is essential to provide students, parents and teachers with the resources needed to help children learn the STEM field.

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Closed: Enter To Win A Limited Edition Safecast T-Shirt

We're giving away one t-shirt per day between September 30th and October 6th, 2016!

Enter to win a limited edition Safecast t-shirt. This shirt features an x-ray of Safecast's bGeigie nano radiation monitoring device. This is not an illustration, it's an actual x-ray taken at a legit doctor's office! When you wear this t-shirt you will be supporting a nonprofit organization that has been working hard to make environmental data open and accessible for everyone. 

A black t-shirt with mysterious electronics on it?!? Got.

Tod E. Kurt 
CEO, ThingM

Note: If you aren't the contest entering type, the shirts are available for purchase from Safecast. Buy one here before they are gone forever on October 6th.

Congratulations to our WINNERS! You are so WINNING!

  • Sept. 30th winner: Jonathan Webber of South Korea
  • Oct. 1st winner: Ariel Flower of California, USA
  • Oct. 2nd winner: Mykal Burns of California, USA
  • Oct. 3rd winner: Ted Hartwell of Nevada, USA
  • Oct. 4th winner: Gerry Whitley of Yukon Territories, Canada
  • Oct. 5th winner: QTechKnow of California, USA
  • Oct. 6th winner: Naomi Dagen Bloom of Oregon, USA

Terms and conditions: You must be 13 and over to enter. You can enter as many times as you want but you can only win once. Contest ends October 6th, 2016, 12:00pm PT.