by Tara Tiger Brown

October 1, 2020

Updated for 2020! We've compiled 13 spooky Halloween projects that include a Candy Slide, Fog Machine, Glowing LED candies, haunted illusions and spoooooky sounds. We know that Halloween is just a couple of weeks away so most of the projects are super easy! Have a safe and spooky Halloween!



Make An Interactive Halloween Art Project
The Halloween "Wonderbox" is an interactive art project designed by Pataphysics Studio *. We've broken the project into four parts[...]

Socially Distanced Trick or Treating

Halloween 2020 is going to different than in the past so in order to make the best of it, some makers are figuring out how to hand-out candy from a safe distance. Take this Candy Slide for instance, it will keep Trick-or-Treaters a safe 6 feet away. 

Here's a supercharged version of the DIY Candy Slide with lights, fog and sound!

For something a little easier, try using a tube and attaching it to your handrail. Instructions here.



These paper lanterns are just so fun. We've made this style of lantern with kids as young as 4, they just needed a tiny bit of help with cutting (using kid safe scissors of course!) and taping on an LED and battery to light them up.  Instructions here.

Halloween Paper Lanterns

Paper Pumpkins

Quick project to decorate the house. These cute lil pumpkins can be strung together as garland or placed around the house. Try different sizes and colors. Instructions here.

Paper Pumpkins

Fog Machine

I live in LA and LA has lots of digital effects people who make ridiculously awesome Halloween decorations. For those of us mortals, we can add some of our own special effects with this DIY Fog Making Machine. Instructions here.

DIY Fog Machine

Holy Pumpkin

Who knew that drilling a pumpkin could make amazing patterns? And a much quicker way to carve than dealing with knives and trying to stay within the lines. Instructions here

Haunted House Ghostly Illusions

I get scared pretty easily so I know for certain that if I came across your ghostly head on Halloween I would definitely run away screaming. Right after I got my candy of course. Ins´╗┐tructions to make a ghostly illusion here

Haunted House Ghost Illusions

Here's another ghostly projection using a projector. 


Many of our readers have made a lemon-powered battery, but we've got a new trick for you, make a battery powered by PUMPKINS! These belong in your own Frankenstein's lab!

pumpkin battery


Edible Glowing LED Gummy

The recipe makes 120 of these delicious LEDs, but that's not the coolest part, if you put them under a black light they glow! This is because of the ingredient Quinine which is the key ingredient found in the tonic water. What?! Science is so awesome. Get the recipe here.

Edible LED Gummy

Christine McConnell

Last but not least, absolutely everything from the amazing and talented Christine McConnell.

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