by Tara Tiger Brown

April 6, 2020

Hands-on STEAM Projects For Home

As parents we know how challenging it is to balance being a teaching assistant, engaging playmate and getting our own work done. As educators we know there is an overwhelming amount of digital options for kids and a computer or internet connection isn't always available. This is why hands-on projects that don't require a screen to learn from can come in really handy and a welcome relief.

Kids can dive into our projects with limited supervision using the materials in our Kits For Home Learning. In addition to the the craft and electronics materials, the kit comes with instruction cards and a zine that builds confidence and sparks ideas. 


For those with access to the internet, our "How To Make" videos show how to make each of the projects and expands on the basic concepts.

We hope this kit spurs kids to explore their creative side, experiment with new concepts and immerse themselves in a world of possibilities.

How To Make Videos

These videos cover the basics and new creative ways to use the parts in the House Time Kit. We will continue to add more videos here and on our YouTube channel.

About the author 

Tara Tiger Brown

Tara Tiger Brown is a technologist and author exploring the intersection of the environment, education, and wellbeing.

As founder and CEO of KitHub, she develops STEAM education programs focused on hands-on learning and environmental monitoring.

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