January News - KitHub

January News

Updates To Facilitator Guides

We've been making significant updates to the STEAM Facilitator Guides for all programs. This is in preparation for adding new projects and expanding KitHub offerings.

The changes to the STEAM Facilitator Guides include:

  • expanding existing project details;
  • clarifying frequently asked questions;
  • offering troubleshooting tips;
  • incorporating Sustainable Development Goals;
  • adding programming options to each project.


Discount For Digital-only Guides

We will continue to provide printed guides with our program boxes, however, in order to meet our environmental sustainability goals, customers will be given the option to opt out of the printed guide in exchange for a discount.

Online Courses

In addition to the guides we are in the process creating easy to follow courses for each project. This will offer additional support and insight for educators.

We are excited for these changes and look forward to sharing them with KitHub customers.