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May 1, 2019

A fantastic guide by the Czech Republic National Radiation Protection Institute (SURO) that explains how to carry your Safecast bGeigie nano in a bag and the vehicles to avoid measuring from. The guide is written in the Czech language so we have done our best to translate the highlights here.


How to hold your bGeigie

When holding your Safecast bGeigie nano, the ideal height is about 1 meter (3 feet) above the ground, the alpha screen facing down

How to carry your bGeigie in a bag

When carrying your bGeigie in a backpack or a handbag, the alpha screen should face away from your body so you don't unnecessarily shield the detector. The detector should not measure through your body or through a stuffed bag.

How to carry a bGeigie in a backpack
How to carry your bGeigie in a bag

Your bGeigie in vehicles

Many Safecast volunteers mount their bGeigie on the outside window of their car, however, SURO does not recommend that because it may damage the device and the window. These are the locations that they recommend:

  • on the car seat, detector down
  • at the bottom of the car trunk, detector outwards or possibly down
  • in the passenger door pocket, with the detector pointing towards the outside of the car

The most popular location amongst their staff is on the bottom of the luggage compartment or on the seat.

How to store your bGeigie in a vehicle

There is no point in measuring on a train or tram, because the detector is high above the ground and, moreover, often shielded by a massive chassis.

It is also not suitable for measurements in cable cars or aircraft do to height changes and difficulty getting a GPS lock.

Vehicles to use your bGeigie in

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