by Tara Tiger Brown

November 9, 2017

KitHub was honored to sponsor Carina Erdmann's art performance - Simoultaneoustories - The Sweet Unknown for the Art and Music festival PLX goes Offshore.

The festival took place in TJÄRÖ, a small island on the Swedish coast, celebrating a mixture of art, music and nature organized by PLX, an art group from Sweden Over 900 people came from the neighboring cities and across Europe to be immersed in the stunning landscape of the Archipelago. 


KitHub's Underwater Art Debut

As guests stepped on the boat, Carina performed a sonic oratory that welcomed them to another world. The artist read out mysteries from the bottom of the sea. Ancient stories of big KRAKEN entangled with modern myths of sunken UFOs evoked out fascination with the unknown. Carina was hidden in the belly of the ship and her voice travelled through speakers installed on deck mixing with the sounds captured by the hydrophone 8 meters beneath the boat.

An eery symphony of hums, booms, crackles, and whines created the soundtrack for her reading. The noise of boats in combination with the natural ambiance underlined the human impact onto the biosphere. An installation of polarizing sheets literally opened the window to a parallel world, where behind every surface lurks another reality ready to be discovered. Depending on the angle one looked through the normally transparent material, the windows turned black or revealed enigmatic rainbow patterns on the sea, as the sunlight was broken in another way. Extending our ears and eyes beyond what we are used to hear or see, keeps our mind flexible to imagine, what lies even beyond our human perception.

Science Shouldn't Be Reserved For Labs

Carina Erdmann

 Carina Erdmann 



We learn best through own experience. Science shouldn't be something reserved for the laboratories. I strongly believe research could be a communal practice. Especially children should be encouraged to learn by doing and to find out things for themselves. I loved, that I could build the Hydrophone myself. To make ones own tools is empowering. And the more complex they get the more crucial it seems, that we don't take their simple interface for granted, but try to grasp the technology behind it. I am talking about embodied knowledge. That seems also relevant in our relationship with our environment: If we find a way to listen to it, we may actually hear its calls."

Immerse Yourself in Tjaro

Create Your Own Underwater Art Project

Learn how you can listen to sounds underwater and create  your own art performance by recording what mysteries lie beneath the waves. 

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Tara Tiger Brown

Tara Tiger Brown is a technologist and author exploring the intersection of the environment, education, and wellbeing. As founder and CEO of KitHub, she develops STEAM education programs focused on hands-on learning and environmental monitoring.

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