7 Ways to Celebrate Engineers Week

February 19 - 25, 2017 is National Engineers Week! Get ready by planning how you’ll celebrate the week with our top 7 suggestions:

  • Find Out What Engineers Do

An engineer is someone who designs or builds things. There are many different types of engineers, including software engineers, civil engineers, and chemical engineers. 

Read more here.

  • Get Free Kits From the DiscoverE Site

Find the free kits here.

Informational packet intended for engineers and engineering students to facilitate participation and outreach. Contains a folded 2017 poster, classroom activities and other resources.

The Girl Day Kit contains the folded 2017 Girl Day poster, girl-friendly activities, and other resources.

  • See Some Engineering Sights

Cities all over the world are full of engineering marvels. Learn about bridges and buildings in your city, visit a science and technology museum, or live vicariously through this traveling engineer.

  • Celebrate Girl Day
She Believed She Could So She Did

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is February 23rd, 2017.  

Repeated exposure to STEM experiences in multiple contexts is the best way to overcome the various ways girls get discouraged from math and science subjects. This helps girls gain a rich understanding of STEM and STEAM careers, build a sense of community within STEM pursuits, and gives girls an opportunity to track personal growth as they learn. Read more

To learn more about Girl Day, check out:

  • #BringItOut campaign to see how female engineers are role models for young girls
  • Powerful messages from female engineers on what it means to be an engineer
  • #GirlDay2017 to see what the engineering community is doing to celebrate Girl Day
  • Hug an Engineer

Thank an engineer for all the hard work they do with a handshake or a virtual hug. There are lots of fantastic engineers on Twitter. One of our favorite hashtags is #ILookLikeAnEngineer

  • Get a KitHub Kit for Your Future Engineer!

The Future Engineer Kit comes with everything your young engineer needs to make a DIY Robot and a creative pipe cleaner circuit charm. The kit also comes with safety glasses and a toolbox to keep all the parts and tools together in one place and ready for the next project.

  • Participate in #eWeek2017
Los Angeles eWeek2017

There is a great conversation happening using the hashtag #eweek2017. Learn what universities, organizations and cities like Los Angeles are doing to support engineers.

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