by Rebecca Wilkins

May 27, 2016

Feel like you're missing out on the best STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) news? 

Catch up on our most popular blog posts! We've listed our 6 most popular blog posts ever. Can you guess which of these posts is our most popular of all time? Add your guess in the comments below.


Paper Circuits plus Astronomy for Kids
We came across this cool project made by students at the University of Maryland, College Park. 'Starry Night' is a great[...]
11 Valentine’s Day Projects For You
  Valentine's Day has been getting a bad rap for the past few years because it's been deemed a "Hallmark[...]
Happy 6 Month Anniversary KitHub
KitHub celebrates our 6 month anniversary in May 2015! Just 6 months ago Luz and I launched KitHub during a[...]
How To Make Super Hero Cuffs
Super Hero Cuffs - the new super cuff that you can make with electronics Design your own interactive light-up super hero bracelets! Our[...]
KitHub Educator Program: Empowering Educators to Teach Electronics to Children
By Luz Rivas For the past four years, I have led workshops that teach kids about electronics in afterschool programs,[...]
How to Make a Paper Battery Holder
Our January kit contains materials to make creative electronics projects using paper, copper tape, LEDs and coin batteries. Using these materials,[...]

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