by Rebecca Wilkins

May 25, 2016

Tara went to talk to the teachers at the Los Feliz campus of the Lycée International de Los Angeles about coding. We love sharing what we know with teachers, so we are posting a recap here for any teachers who want beginner's resources for learning how to code. 


Here are some resources for teachers that are new to learning how to code. These programs are written by educators to make it easy for kids to guide themselves through the material, so it's extra easy for teachers to try it out and learn how to do it. 


Some really smart educators developed Scratch to be an easy introduction to coding. Make fun projects with plug and play commands!

Mozilla Thimble — 

Choose a project to remix and make a simple web page. This is a great way to learn basic HTML and practice coding concepts without getting lost. 

 Project Ideas— 

Once you do a few projects, get some ideas to extend your knowledge and dig a little deeper. Coding is a great way to incorporate other subjects, especially being creative with art. ​

Google CS First— 

Start your very own coding club with google! Using Scratch and step by step videos, CS First walks you through the process with lots of help along the way.

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