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8 Ways to Celebrate Citizen Science Month!

Celebrate Citizen Science. We've come up with a list of suggestions for participating in citizen science anytime of year.



Collect data! Citizen scientists collect data on things like weather, air quality, and radiation to plot data points at different locations and times. Crowd sourced data can be very powerful and effective for research gains. 


In order to collect data, you may want to make a citizen science project! At KitHub, we've made underwater microphones and radiation sensors to collect data. You can even extend Citizen Science Month by doing one big project every month


Be on the look out for ways to volunteer. You can also learn a lot about nature and the environment by joining a clean up litter or environmental disasters. 


Read books about citizen science


Brush up on science learning: read this article about how to read and get the most out of scientific articles so that you can stay up to date on science news.


Don't have time to participate but still want to help? Fund a project!


Go to a conference, fair, or festival! Collaborating with other scientists is a great way to practice citizen science. Find citizen science events here.


Get inspired by the national wildlife federation

Comment or tweet us your ideas for getting involved in citizen science month, we'd love to hear them!