by Tara Tiger Brown

May 5, 2015

We got a chuckle out of this post by news satire site, The Onion:

Experts from the fields of aerodynamics, jet propulsion, and control engineering unanimously confirmed that the orange-and-purple rocket ship, which Koenig drew during Mrs. Silvestri’s first-grade class, not only raises major safety concerns, but could compromise the lives of everyone on board were it to ever go to launch.

Like most 5 year olds, my son likes to draw and sometimes he’ll ask me if he can build the design he came up with. It would be a fun exercise to systematically review the design and determine if in fact it was possible. Of course it may scare him away from letting his imagination go free ever again…

The last paragraph is the best:

Despite the clear and irrefutable problems in Koenig’s design, experts did admit that the ship’s giant laser cannon for shooting space monsters was the most awesome thing they had ever seen.

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Tara Tiger Brown

Tara Tiger Brown is a technologist and author exploring the intersection of the environment, education, and wellbeing. As founder and CEO of KitHub, she develops STEAM education programs focused on hands-on learning and environmental monitoring.

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