by Luz Rivas

January 4, 2015

At KitHub, we’re all about finding ways to introduce electronics to kids. Our January monthly kit theme is “Paper Circuitry”. All projects in the kit involve making simple circuits with paper and conductive materials.

We searched for resources for project ideas and made a Pinterest board with paper circuit projects. One of the pins we included was a video that describes how to draw circuits with a pencil using an LED and 9 Volt battery. The materials for the project list a no. 2 pencil for drawing the circuit so we decided to try this out since we think this would be a great project for kids.

We used a no. 2 pencil, LED, 9V battery and a battery snap. We drew a circuit with the pencil on a piece of paper and connected the components. When we powered the circuit, the LED did not turn on. We tried moving the LED closer to the battery and it still didn’t work.

Our experiment shows that the answer to our question – “Can you use a no. 2 pencil to draw an electrical circuit?” – is NO!!

 material s for pencil circuit                pencil circuit



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